​​Business Strategy

  • Perform current state analysis of the Solutions / Products
  • Help construct, critique, refine and articulate corporate strategy around Solutions / Products
  • Get an organisational alignment and agreement on the current state and future direction
  • Identify additional areas where solutions can be built
  • Identify, formalise and anchor Partnerships and Alliances for the company – Technology Alliances, GTM Partnerships, Academic Alliances
  • Work with Company leadership team on all aspects of fund-raising
  • Work with Company leadership and Finance to define and formalise the capitalisation approach for all Solution / Product spends

Product Strategy

  • Build and manage rollout and institutionalisation of Solution / Product Lifecycle Methodology
  • Periodically review and refine (as necessary) the Methodology to increase efficacy and impact
  • Define and operationalise Portfolio Management approach for the Company
  • Build a Lean Canvas for each of the defined Solution / Product
  • Define, measure and share the metrics for each of the Solution / Product
  • Build/execute GTM Strategy, Partnerships
  • Build, test and continuously refine pricing models for the Solutions / Products
  • Perform Competitive Analysis for each of the Solution / Product and define the Competitive Strategy to succeed in the market

Product Development

  • Define and socialise the Roadmap for each Solution / Product
  • Advise on prioritization of features for each release
  • Manage the Product Backlogs
  • Work with Engineering to get the Product release dates
  • Provide oversight of Engineering department to ensure that development work will be aligned to the overall strategy and market requirements
  • Prepare the Release Management checklist for each of the Solution / Product and monitor the activities on the checklist
  • Define and monitor preparation of deployment and customer success assets including Product Implementation Methodology, Product Documentation, FAQs and Customer Onboarding Materials

Product Marketing

  • Define and continuously fine-tune the Marketing Strategy for the Solution / Product
  • Lead Analyst Connect to get a good review for each Solution / Product
  • Create and continuously refine the Product Pitches for each of the Solution / Product
  • Lead construction of Product literature – PPT, Brochures, Tech Specs, Demo Scripts
  • Prepare the Product Launch checklist for each of the Solution / Product and monitor the activities on the checklist
  • Plan and execute Global Product Launches – including budgets, launch platform, media kits
  • Contribute articles and white papers to position the company as a thought leader in the industry
  • Define strategy for conducting Product Demos
  • Identify and facilitate procurement of tools for Product Demos
  • Define and guide the building of data sets for Product Demos
  • Participate and represent company at industry / trade events
  • Leverage appropriate fora to showcase the product to key decision makers
  • Participate and lead the team in providing responses to RFP/RFI
  • Ongoing contribution of content for the Corporate Website
  • Build story board and work with agencies to produce high quality Product Videos that help articulate the value proposition of the Solutions / Products
  • Architect and direct the marketing team in running lead generation Campaigns
  • Engage with Startup community to push the products into the market
  • Build brand of the company to enable the organization to attract and retain best talent